2 Easy Ways to Destroy your Sales (something we all do!)


The 2 biggest things we see destroying sales velocity, sales conversion and sales effectiveness are things we have all done.

1.     Hiring the wrong person and realizing too late

2.     Relying on existing talent, not process to deliver results

Lets look at the first point.


The effects of a bad hire can have a direct and indirect impact on your sales results. Here are a few:

  • Wasting experienced sales peoples time training unmotivated new recruits. Costing the business new sales, and getting no return on two lots of wages
  • When a poor performing new recruit is allowed to work past their trial expiry, then the pain of no results is multiplied. It also distracts other staff who see this level of performance as being accepted


If you were to have a pre-determined ramp up plan for new recruits (say 90 days) and you hired them based on sales capability versus personality you could get new recruits that would hit the ground running, and would have clear expectations of the time frame they had to meet their KPI's. Staff love clear expectations.


Now lets look at the second point.


Relying on current talent means your business is vulnerable, and in some cases can be held ransom.

Lets look at how that could happen:

  • If you have 10 sales people, and 2 are the sales superstars, and for one reason or another both have holidays, or get sick, or go to another job then your sales results walks out with them. Hoping staff stay around is not a strategy that works.
  • If you have individual sales stars that bring in the majority of the sales, rather than a star sales process you can find the sales stars can become laws unto themselves. This can make it difficult  to manage your other sales staff, and to deliver a uniform standard all sales staff buy in to.


Develop a sales process that uses the best techniques and most effective processes of successful sales people to create a recipe for success. With this tool you can use it over and over to get staff performing.

Document success to ensure the results from developing your staff can be shared and harvested both now, and in the future.


Justin Cunningham

Sales Manager



Justin Cunningham is a business coach/creative/marketer/future trend enthusiast/musician and speaker. This man oozes energy and passion and ideas.

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