12 Ways To Train Yourself To Be A Great Salesperson

by Guest Expert

Do you have a desire to be a great salesperson?

Do you want to succeed in the profession of sales?

Do you want to be non-traditional and buyer focused?

Do you want to help change the perception of the sales profession, to one of high respect?

If you answered No to any of these questions, do not waste your time reading this, as this article is only for those who answered yes to each of the above questions.

Success in any profession starts with desire.

Without desire there is no motivation, no direction, no success. It is that desire to be in a place you imagine that will drive you to succeeding in it.

Sales, as you probably know, is the oldest profession in history. Yet, it is also the least respected profession of all professions. If you continue to apply traditional techniques, you are fueling this perception.

However, if you want to help change the perception of this great profession, make sure you avoid traditional techniques, and become buyer focused.

With this new economy of buyers, the sales profession can become extinct, unless you bring more value to the buyer, in their terms, not yours. Buyers now have an alternative as they can buy anything they want off of the internet, and not have their time wasted by sales people – their #1 complaint.

To be a great salesperson, who provides added value, you will need follow a non-traditional sales process. To do this you will need to unlearn what you now know about sales and re-learn, possibly the opposite of everything you have learned. However, if you are new to sales, your timing is great as you are at the beginning of a new era in profession of sales.

Now to be a success in sales you need to know how to train yourself to be a great salesperson. So, here is a list of 12 ways to get you started.

  1. Dedicate one hour of your most productive time of your day to the most important person in the world. This is a daily discipline.
  2. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals and a supporting plan of action.
  3. Read books on non-traditional sales, motivation and personal leadership.
  4. Listen to Audio, and view videos, on the above topics.
  5. Attend seminars / training programs on an on-going basis.
  6. Enroll into a non-traditional, buyer focused, on-going virtual sales training program and learn, apply and review in steps, not in big chunks.
  7. Surround yourself with like-minded people, and become accountable to each other on actions to be taken. Meet regularly and share learning and experiences.
  8. Apply what you learn, in the real world, within 48 hours.
  9. Give yourself permission to fail, and when you fail, seek out the lesson learned and grow from the experience.
  10. Keep a success and gratitude journal.
  11. Join Toastmasters and master your communication skills.
  12. Share everything you learn, as it is in the giving that you gain.

Now there are many other things you can do, but the trick is to determine your best learning method, get started now and keep learning as it has to be an on-going process.

Bob Urichuck


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