'Gen Y' - The Greediest, Least Satisfied Workers


According to a recent NineMSN.com survey, Generation Y is the greediest and least satisfied generation in recorded history.

Employers of those aged 26 and under may need to dangle a financial carrot to keep their staff: a whopping 73 percent of the group say they intend to leave their current employer in less than a year but almost 80 percent would stay on for more cash.  It found that Gen Y - spanning those born between 1981 and 1990 - are motivated by money to support their lifestyles.   

Seek conducted the survey of 5,000 Gen Y employees and found the 17-26 age group placed a far greater emphasis on salaries than job satisfaction.

Managing, Motivating And Marketing To Gen X And Gen Y

When you know how to successfully manage, motivate and market to Gen X and Gen Y you will be keeping abreast of trends and responding quickly to this generation of consumers and staff with their ever changing needs and wants. 

Australia's population has doubled since 1960 meaning the demographics have radically changed. Generations X and Y are not only the largest generation ever, but they have different characteristics, attitudes, values and priorities. To manage, train or market to these new generations, we must first understand them.

This article was written by Wayne Masfield.



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