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What's In A Name?

By Bruce Turkel

There was once a store in our neighborhood with the name Strictly Tennis. Everyone knew what Strictly Tennis did and what they sold. But then enoug...

How Much Would You Charge to Put a Nail in the Wall?

By Sean DSouza

What if I told you I’d pay you with an elaborately cooked, four-course meal, just to put that nail in the wall?

How Valuable is it To Spy On Competitors?

By Graham Jones

Yesterday I was chatting with a client when we both agreed how much easier it was these days to find out what your competition was doing than it wa...

A 3D Printer in Every Home

By Joyce Gioia

For a long time now, we have been watching the developments in the field of 3D Printing with great interest. Here's a brief overview of some aspect...

80% of Sales Happens After 5 Outreaches Says Paul Kirch

By John Murphy

Interesting to reflect on what Paul Kirch says about 80% of sales happens after 5 outreaches when you consider that many salespeople give up before...

An Unusual Way to Turn More of your Quotes And Proposals into Paid Sales..

By Graham McGregor

After 38 years in sales and marketing I've noticed something very interesting. Sometimes a tiny change in one thing that you do can produce remark...

Plan preemptively to handle extreme trauma

By Carole Spiers

Employee performances can tail off if such situations are not handled right. Originally published in the Gulf News Analysis

Tips to Help You Engage with Customers at an Exhibit

By Laura Tolentino

In addition to focusing on how you'll attract as many people as possible to your booth during a trade show, you also need to figure out how you'll ...

How to Choose the Right Forex Funds Management Team

By Laura Tolentino

When breaking into Forex, many new traders opt to run with managed funds as opposed to trading on their own.

How Do I Know When to Pack It In?

By Sandy Geyer

Whenever someone asks me this question in a presentation, someone else invariably mumbles, “When the money runs out”, which seems an obvious answer...

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