The Sales Manager’s Toolkit


$359.00 USD

NORMALLY $359.00 but for the Period 1 April - 1 June 2011 Only $119.55 as a Special Webinar Offer

Lifting Your Sales Team Performance To A Whole New Level

The Sales Manager's Toolkit gives you everything you need to transform the way your sales team records activity, reports prospect status, and forecasts future sales.

The ready-to-run toolkit contains:

  • Sales Management Model 1.2
    A full working model for you to use and adapt to your business and get your system off to a flying start
  • Sales KPIs and Forecasting
    A 24 page PDF workbook to guide you through the process of using the model and interpreting the data generated by your new system
  • SM Model 1.2
    A full Powerpoint presentation explaining the principle of probability forecasting for you to use to train your sales team
  • SFP1 Projects.pdf
    A whitepaper on the principles of forecasting in project based businesses
  • SFP2 Products
    A whitepaper on the principles of forecasting product and service sales
  • SFP3 Market Segment Forecasts
    A whitepaper extending the forecasting principles to individual market segments

PLUS - a selection of 4 of the most frequently downloaded articles and newsletters from on the practical application of these ideas and techniques, supplied here for your convenience.

  • Managing Sales Performance
  • Sales Forecasting and KPIs - is there a link?
  • Sales KPI Model to Guide Sales Activity
  • How Sales KPI Models Sales Motivation -a guide for the sales professional


The copyright to the content of the Sales Manager's Toolkit belongs to Michael Taplin, the author, and to Corporate Dynamics Ltd, his company. All the materials in this toolkit are provided with a license for use within a single business unit. They may be freely copied, adapted and applied within that business unit.

The toolkit contents, apart from the 4 articles (already in the public domain), may not be supplied to or shared with other companies or business units, in any form, electronic,or print.


We stand by our products, and offer a 100% Money back guarantee if you do not find that The Sales Manager's Toolbox will help you achieve a solution, having tried it, please tell us why. We may have an alternative product that will solve your problem. We prefer that you ask us to solve a problem for you before you reject the product. We will refund your total payment as long as we receive your request within 14 days of your purchase.

About the Developer

Michael Taplin MBA, Grad Dip Management (RMIT University, Australia) developed this approach to manage sales activity and forecasting as a founding partner in The Management Edge, a successful boutique training consultancy back in the turbulent ‘80s. Since then many clients in Australia and New Zealand have used the system to improve the performance of their sales teams and to predict the value of future sales.

With 35 years of management training and strategy consulting experience, gained after a successful apprenticeship and a salesman, sales manager and sales director in industrial markets.

  The Sales Manager’s Toolkit





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The Sales Manager’s Toolkit

By Michael Taplin

$359.00 USD


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