The Beginners Guide To Being A Brilliant MC


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Being a brilliant MC is a craft all of its own.  If you want to swim and NOT sink as an MC then you’ll want to read this e-book.

In this information packed book, Rachel takes you through;

  • How to be a brilliant MC for your audience
  • How to be a brilliant MC when introducing speakers
  • How to be a brilliant MC when managing timing
  • How to be a brilliant MC when thanking people
  • A checklist for preparing for the event
  • Extra tips for being a brilliant MC at a wedding

Events can sink or swim on the person who takes on the role of MC. If they don't keep the event on time, the whole event can fall into chaos. If they haven't prepared well - even the best speakers in the world cannot carry the event.

If you are choosing an MC you are trusting your very name and reputation to this person.

If you have been invited to an MC you need to understand the responsibility the role carries. If you want to be a brilliant MC then this is the book for you.

Rachel Green is an award-winning communication specialist; emotional intelligence coach and one of Australia's most successful and dynamic professional speakers. She has qualifications in psychology, speech pathology, adult education and the Feldenkrais method.

Reviews of the e-book:

"Thank you for such a great and easy to understand e-book. Your book is very informative and very comforting. It has given me the confidence I need to carry out what I have been selected to do as the MC. My MC date is April 28th and your book has everything I needed to know, that I did not know. I am a very satisfied customer." - Calvin Hawkins, April 2006.

"I want to tell you how impressed I am with the quality and contents of your Master of ceremonies E-book. As well, the whole process of ordering, receiving and you following up was so customer focussed and professional. Thanks again." - Patti Connolly, Director, Human Resources, Airborne Energy Solutions, Canada.

"I just wanted to let you know that my MC job for my brother's wedding went off without a hitch. Your tips in your Master of Ceremony book were amazing and really got me focused when I felt I was getting overwhelmed. I felt I was preparing too much, but in the end, all the advance work was well worth it. All the comments we heard back were extremely positive. Many, many thanks, and thanks for the additional help via email too!" - Karolina Baker, Canada, October 2008.

"I was really DREADING my MC role, not because I didn't want to do it because it was an honor to have been asked, but because I was just so nervous about getting up in front of 100 people, and worried I would be boring or that I wouldn't add to the magic of their wedding.  It was so important to do a great job for my nephew and his bride. So, I just took the time to read the book, put some careful planning in place with the tips in  your ebook and I absolutely nailed it! Everyone congratulated me on the job I had done, even 8 months after seeing people I didn't know very well when I bumped into them at the shops, they commented about the role I had played that night. I even used a couple of your jokes, (the ones you had suggested that were tasteful), and it all went down so well. I think the key was making sure I knew what I was going to talk about, I planned the events of the night in conjunction with the bride and groom, I studied my subjects and recalled stories from the past. Then I used the techniques listed in the e-book to bring it all together. It was so easy! After the initial heart flutter when I first spoke into the microphone, I focused on my plan and the rest came so easily. So thank you for the help of the e-book, it was a real godsend!" - Amanda Gratte, Australia, September 2008.

"Thanks Rachel for your Master of Ceremonies book. The day went very well and I received lots of positive feedback from the bride and groom, the bride's parents and members of the "audience" too. The info I got from you caused me to do some preparation which made the difference. Understanding my role was also a great help and drew a compliment from the caterer. She was amazed how well everything ran and commented on the vibe of the day. She said most start out that way but very few manage to stay that good for the whole time. I was pleased with this objective praise from someone who sees hundreds of weddings. One bit of your advice made a massive difference and that was to put some preparation into the introductions for the people giving speeches. It really did warm the guests up for what was about to be said and the speakers were grateful too. Anyone who has to do this role should read your information. It clarifies the importance of the role and also causes some focused preparation which makes the difference between doing a good job or dying up there on the stage." -John McEwan, Stainbusters, NSW Australia, July 2008.

"Thank-you so much for your e-book on how to be a Master of Ceremony. The 50th birthday went off with a bang. There were no awkward moments, in fact at the end of the evening I was told that I was very entertaining. Thanks for all your tips and advice. It gave me the right tools and was much appreciated." - Karl Platel, Australia, October 2007.


  The Beginners Guide To Being A Brilliant MC





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The Beginners Guide To Being A Brilliant MC

By Rachel Green

$21.00 USD


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