Lego Serious Play - Starter Fiddle Packs


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Learning and Growing Through Interactive Games

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a concept developed over several years by Executive Discovery, a member of the LEGO Group. It emerged out of the research and experience of a number of academics and practitioners searching for more effective ways to meet the increasingly complex and challenging demands of the business world.

The idea is that creating Lego models stimulates creative thinking, prompts much fuller discussion as people tell stories about their models, and generally encourages much better team interaction and a corresponding increase in the value of discussion.

When people start building and playing with their hands, creativity levels go up because our hands are connected with both sides of our brains. When people use the Lego bricks, they start to open up.

The concept began around 10 years ago when two professors at a university in Switzerland created the concept of serious play and applied it to the context of management and organisations. They developed the idea with leadership teams from large companies including Lego - the Danish company that makes 19 billion Lego elements, as they call them, every year.

Lego embraced the concept after some initial wariness and set up a company called Executive Discovery to commercialise LSP. It's based on three concepts: play, which is self explanatory; constructionism, which argues learning happens when people are engaged in constructing something; and imagination.

David Gauntlett, professor of media and communications at the University of Westminster in London, believes LSP helps shape conscious ideas or ideas that had been lurking below the surface of someone's mind. The act of building Lego models in answer to questions helps people shape their ideas and then put words to concepts that may have eluded them at the start of the process. Our hands are said to be connected to up to 80% of our brain cells so by building models, we use our hands to unlock information from our brains.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is about getting more out of people for the benefit of the business - and doing that in a way that respects the uniqueness of the individual, involves everyone on an equal level and builds people's confidence and commitment about the tasks ahead.

The Specially designed Starter Fiddle packs are unique for LEGO Serious Play sessions. They are individual wrapped bags of LEGO with a standard set of various LEGO pieces designed for these sessions.

Lego No.3 (Image)   LEGO SERIOUS PLAY - Starter Fiddle Packs No.2 (Image)



  Lego Serious Play - Starter Fiddle Packs





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Lego Serious Play - Starter Fiddle Packs

By Derek Good

$15.00 USD


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