Leadership Development Profile (LDP)


$370.00 USD

A self rating profile designed to identify areas of leadership developmentof required leadership development

So often in an organization it is our manager that decides what areas of growth we require. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong.

This profiling tool is designed for the ‘person' to discover and acknowledge the areas they need to work on to improve their leadership skills.

It doesn't preclude the person's manager having an opinion, but it does help and encourage a broader conversation between both parties so that appropriate growth can be identifies and prioritized.

This profile is based on the same Leadership Model as the multi-rater 360 degree Leadership Behaviour Profile (LBP).(we need a link here so people can compare), however, in this case, the emphasis in the LDP is on an individual's leadership development and the energy they are prepared to exert in order to improve themselves.

The profile, once produced, can be electronically sent to anyone anywhere.

There is a requirement that a telephone coaching session accompanies the profile. The selected coach will be a Team Leadership Services accredited consultant and the cost of this call is built into the cost of the profile.


"I have used the TLS 360 products for over 10 years in both Northern and Southern Hemisphere. The Profiles have face validity and always leads to a balanced action plan and individual behavioural change. The website process and support is second to none."

Michael Crean, Country Manager, SKF Service Division United Kingdom

"Working with a group of more than 20 senior Australian Public Service Managers, I was struck by how user-friendly participants found the Leadership Behaviours Profile and how much they got out of it. Six months later the group were re-measured and showed significant improvement in their overall leadership, having successfully addressed the feedback they received. The profiles are a very worthwhile exercise which I shall be repeating with other comparable groups."

Dr John Baker, Executive Director, Centre for Public Management Pty Ltd (CPM) Canberra

  Leadership Development Profile (LDP)





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Leadership Development Profile (LDP)

By Dr Paul Robinson

$370.00 USD


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