Leadership Behaviours Model


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Leadership Profiling Tool

If you are about to recruit a new manager, or promote someone into a management/leadership position, or just want to develop someone, it is critical that you assess a candidate's competence and/development requirements.

Using a full-range leadership model there are two profiles to choose from: a 360 degree profile or a self-scored aspirational option. The first is called the Leadership Behaviours Profile (LBP), is a multi-rater profile with a ‘norm' database for comparison purposes of over 30,000 records from several countries. The second, based on the same researched model is self scored in terms of an individual's ‘energy' to develop themselves in particular areas of leadership.

The ‘Captain's Wheel' below, symbolises a skipper: a leader with people responsibility, competence and integrity who provides direction and guidance in an emotionally intelligent way.


Wheel 2 (Image) 

A number of modern Leadership theories have been incorporated into the Leadership Behaviours Model:

  • Principle Centred Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Situational Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence

are some of the well-known approaches used.

The Leadership Model incorporates eight factors of effective leadership.

The instruments under the Leadership Behaviours Model are:

Leadership Behaviours Profile (LBP)

The Leadership Behaviours Profile (LBP) is a powerful and practical multi-rater feedback tool. It affords a self and other rater (360) review of Leadership Performance.

The profile is well researched and contains comparisons with over 5,000 world-wide managers.

It provides constructive feedback to help improve and develop performance as a leader. This focus has led to its acceptability, face validity and wide usage for the purposes of clarifying where strengths lie, as well as easy to follow guidelines and action plans to improve any weaker areas.

The profile and process includes the following:

  • The actual profile
  • A developmental guide
  • A telephone coaching session with an accredited Team Leadership Services consultant

The total cost is US$370 - a very small investment when you consider the cost of recruiting or promoting the wrong person.

The profile, once produced, can be electronically sent to anyone anywhere.

About the Creator:

Dr Paul Robinson is CEO, Team Leadership Services (TLS);Chairman, Team Management Services Ltd (TMS)

Paul has degrees in Social Psychology, Management Science and his PhD topic examined the role and challenges of the corporate Chief Executive Officer. He was a lecturer at Auckland University for nine years where he taught Leadership, Strategy and Teamwork on the MBA programme and in various other forums.

Having assisted senior managers for many years with their leadership, strategic planning, change management and team development, Paul now specialises in developing multi-rater feedback tools for large public and private sector organizations.

  Leadership Behaviours Model





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Leadership Behaviours Model

By Dr Paul Robinson

$370.00 USD



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