Kairology® Coaching Programme


$45.00 USD

Kairology® Coaching Programme

Inspiration and Self-Coaching for Speakers and Leaders

We are launching the coaching cards version of the Kairology book, which is a must for all speakers, trainers and leaders. This comprehensive programme, based on the playing cards structure consists of 52 leadership coaching cards and 4 jokers, plus a full workbook.

Hearts represent you, your values and your PASSION

Clubs are about PEOPLE, partnerships and relationships

Spades are for PURPOSE in tasks and achievement

Diamonds are POTENTIAL, creativity and evaluation.

As an individual you could conveniently work on one card a week to complete the full programme in a year; alternatively, as a coach, you could work with a client on one card per session to keep your coaching fresh and interactive..

Have fun with these great tools, at the same time as doing some serious work with yourself, your family and/or your clients.

The world’s first professor of leadership, John Adair has this to say about the programme:

“This shows what people need to lead well; leaders need to think until it hurts, but these cards take the pain out of thinking, because of their gentle provocative prompting.”

“What a neat way to encourage anyone to analyse oneself, chart positive new paths and goals—and achieve them.”  Gordon Dryden, co-author The Learning Revolution series of books

"When I first saw the pdf of the planned cards I knew we would be on to a winner."  Carolyn Sheppard, thecompletetrainer.com


The cards and workbook currently retail at US$57, but we have a special offer bundle.


  • One set of Kairology Coaching Cards
  • The cards Workbook
  • PLUS the hard back Kairology Book

total package value of US$79

BUY NOW for ONLY US$45 including GST (within New Zealand) 

Discounts will also be offered for orders of 5 bundles or more.

These are truly awesome products at an unbeatable price.


NZ – US$10

Aus – US$12

South Africa – US$25

UK – US$20

USA – US$20


  Kairology® Coaching Programme


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Kairology® Coaching Programme

By Ian Williams

$45.00 USD


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