Emotional and Social Intelligence Profiling


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A simple tool to gain peer feedback on observed emotional and social Intelligence

The Emotional and Social Intelligence Profile (ESI) is a feedback report based on the results of a multi-rater 60 item questionnaire. The ESI is a self rating system based on what we believe our personal emotional and social intelligence levels are plus the bonus of feedback by close colleagues.

The results allow us to hold up a mirror so we can really check our personal awareness.

Underpinning the Framework is a range of related criteria. These are the intentions, emotions, skills and social factors that determine:

  • How well we know and master ourselves
  • How well we understand and ‘fit' our organisation's culture
  • How well we understand our impact on daily social and interpersonal interactions
  • How effectively we function within the multiple layers of organisational life

Organisations talk a lot about emotional intelligence, and we certainly know when a manager or team leader DOESN'T appear to display the behaviours we want and need in our organization; while there are other Emotional Intelligence Tools out there this one really expands on getting to the core of a person's emotional and social competencies.'

So often when we employ a person based on traditional recruiting methods, we realize later, that the person we have recruited or promoted simply doesn't ‘fit'. This tool is a must before you recruit or promote ANYONE. It will alert you to behaviours that could destroy a team or department or even organization.


"I have provided clients with close to 100 Emotional and Social Intelligence 360 profiles and the key benefits of the report are:

  • Individuals are provided with a quotient for their 'Self Accomplishment' ( = self insight + self mastery) and their 'Social Accomplishment' ( = social insight + social mastery)
  • They are also provided with a quotient for their 'Insight' ( = self insight + social insight) and their 'Mastery' ( = self mastery + social mastery)
  • Overall behavioural results compare how individuals are scored by all their raters for the four clusters of Self Insight; Self Mastery; Social Insight and Social Mastery
  • Feedback is provided in detail for each of the twelve capabilities that underpin the four clusters, together with detailed coaching advice based on the results achieved
  • Verbatim written feedback is provided from all raters about what the person being rated has been doing well and how they might develop their emotional and social intelligence.

Clients who have used this profile cannot fail to gain increased self and social accomplishment."

Dianne van Meegen is a Principal of Directions for Change, a Canberra-based business which provides highly specialised consulting services in the areas of organisational and leadership development, facilitation services.

  Emotional and Social Intelligence Profiling





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Emotional and Social Intelligence Profiling

By Dr Paul Robinson

$360.00 USD


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