An Introduction to Social Media for Business



Making the social media journey as painless as possible

Social Media is a term that covers a wide range of online media that is highly relevant in today's business environment.

Existing and emerging online communications and networking technology is changing how we reach out to and engage our customers and stakeholders.

If you are new to Social Media or simply want to make sense of what seems to be an ever changing landscape then this easy to read and understand e-book is just what you have been looking for. It will simplify all the mystery and make getting started a no brainer.

In this e-book you will find clarification and answers to:

  • What is Social Media and why you should use it?
  • What is Web 2.0 and where did it come from?
  • To Engage or Not to Engage? Isn't Social Media just another fad?
  • Using Social Media to create sales. Yes really
  • The important Social Media Platforms for Business today and why you need a presence there
  • Where to begin
  • Why you need to treat Social Media as part of your strategic marketing

Craig Garner ‘s ability to make new media technology relevant and accessible to everyone is why he is sought after and respected as an author, trainer and speaker on the topic of online communications.

If you have read (or avoided) other books on Social Media and found them tool confusing, this e-book will make the whole process crystal clear and in layman's terms.


  An Introduction to Social Media for Business





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An Introduction to Social Media for Business

By Craig Garner

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