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Blog Entry: Our thoughts go to the people of Samoa.....

02 Oct 2009
This part of the world is in a state of shock at the moment - total devastation after the earthquake and tsunami in Samoa, Tonga (I have a friend who ... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: How to deal with low morale during a recession

01 Oct 2009
Given that 54% of workers are feeling high levels of stress during the recession and that 47% of them say they will be moving elsewhere as soon as the... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Most bosses don't see or sense discontent in their staff

01 Oct 2009
A recent survey of Australian and NZ employees (and I think the stats would probably translate into most countries) found that 44% of the empllyees su... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: 10 Steps to Build Trust....

30 Sep 2009
With trust in our bankers and our politicians at an all-time low it seemed a pertinent time to mention a few 'must-do's' to develop trust in you and y... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: The most corrupt countries in the world to do business with are...

30 Sep 2009
I have a newsletter which begins with a short quiz - the quiz gets a lot of great feedback but I sometimes do run out of things to ask - so discovered... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: The best sales 'tactic' isn't a sales 'tactic'

29 Sep 2009
If you are having challenges 'selling' then this,_isn̢۪t_a... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Do you set yourself up for a 'yes' or a 'no'?

29 Sep 2009
When I first started my own business I probably ranked as the world's worst sales person - fortunately I had something that businesses wanted (a proce... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: What does your online reputation say about you?

28 Sep 2009
Building a business or presence on the web requires some smart strategies - Find_out_more

Blog Entry: 28% of NZers buy solely on web reviews!

28 Sep 2009
These are NZ stats - would be intrested to see how they stack up against other countries: 97% of kiwis go online to research product (res... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Weird and Whacky Business Ideas 2008

25 Sep 2009
I subscribe to several newsletters about trends and in particular what people are doing to be different - check this out and have ahttp://www... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: What's the best question you have ever been asked at a Networking event?

25 Sep 2009
There are some great questions we can all ask at networking events - other than the boring DO YOU COME HERE OFTEN * What ma... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: How to run GREAT meetings....

24 Sep 2009
Meetings are vital - we have to sit and talk to each other in a team or organisation. If your meetings are dysfunctional, unruly or simpl... Find_out_more


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