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Blog Entry: Retirement is a bankrupt, Industrial Age Idea

09 Oct 2009
People NOT retiring; not wanting to retire and perhaps not being able to afford to retire will change the face of the workplace - check out this Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Canberra (Australia) takes on 4 wheel drives

09 Oct 2009
Canberra is looking at banning 4 wheel drives and SUVs from coming into cities. 19,000 people in Brisbane have signed a petition demanding that 4 whe... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Want more business from your website?

08 Oct 2009
Check out this article<... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Well done London for building water stations ready for Olympics

08 Oct 2009
A few weeks ago I blogged about the little Australian town - Bundanoon, who have banned bottled water and set up drinking fountains around the town. L... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Simple ways to generate more revenue

07 Oct 2009
Chuck Blakeman suggests the followi... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Survey - the 10 things New Zealanders are most proud of..

07 Oct 2009
According to a wonderful organisation called Anew NZ - they ran a survey, and In no particular order... 1. Our future - we have a beautif... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: How to be more assertive in stressful meetings....

06 Oct 2009
Great new article by Sally Mabe... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Great invention - a bra that can be converted to 2 gasmasks!

06 Oct 2009
We've all heard of the Nobel prize but have you heard of the IgNobel prize? Well here are a few of this year's winners: 1. Engineers have... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Have we totally stuffed our beautiful planet??

05 Oct 2009
Just had a paper passed to me by one of my authors - Clare Feeney Find_out_more

Blog Entry: One of our food staples is about to rocket in price...

03 Oct 2009
Raw sugar is predicted to rise dramatically in price (raw sugar futures have gained 94% this year)...reason? Brazil is having unusual weather problems... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Want to know how to use Twitter for Business?

02 Oct 2009
then check out Mark Shaw's e-book - all w... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Which city has the most Twitter users?

02 Oct 2009
according to a report by Sysomos ( New Yorkers are the biggest users, followed by LA and Toronto....and more women twitter than men!Find_out_more


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