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Gihan Perera is passionate about clear communication. He works with professional speakers, trainers, consultants, business owners, CEOs and strategic leadership teams to improve their marketing, sales and persuasion skills in one-on-one meetings, group presentations and on the Internet. Gihan is also an author of six published books, e-books and audio programs.

Over time, he has learned from the masters of persuasion and influence - including professional speakers, trainers, coaches, politicians, advertisers, marketers, magicians, hypnotists, con artists, salespeople, negotiators and business leaders.

Gihan's formal background is in science and technology, but he's always been interested in people and the way they communicate. He doesn't love technology for its own sake. But he does love it when we use technology to get a message across more effectively.

In 1997, when the Web was young, spam was just a luncheon meat, and Google wasn't even a twinkle in its owners' eyes, Gihan founded First Step Communications, one of Australia's earliest Web design businesses. Since that time, it's grown to include clients in every continent (except Antarctica). He still operates as CEO in that business, while also running his own consulting/speaking business.

Gihan has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Western Australia and an NLP practitioner certification from the Neuro-Linguistic Training Center of San Diego.

He lives in the world's most livable city - Perth, Australia - and enjoys an enviable lifestyle, with his own home, his own business and his own teeth.

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