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Blog Entry: What motivates people to change jobs?

10 Jul 2014
I'm continuing to read the amazing LinkedIn research on Talent Trends 2014 - they discovered the top 5 motivations for changing jobs Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Global talent trends

09 Jul 2014
I've just read LinkedIn's Talent Trend Outliers and been quite amazed. I find in my work with teams, that around 50-60% of workers are either a bit bored or bored out of their brains. Which is such a tragedy. Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Climate Change - the great debate. Real or a marketing plot?

29 Jan 2013
I personally can't see how anyone can doubt that what we do to the planet is causing terrible (and possibly irreversible) damage. Did you... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: The job market is tight - what do you do if you are given a 'no'?

29 Jan 2013
Losing a job for whatever reason, is incredibly painful - and so you start the interview process. How do you cope with the 'no's'? Check ... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Did you know you can talk yourself out of STRESS?

29 Jan 2013
Dr Bruno Cortis is a specialist surgeon who conducted heart transplants; then his own heart starting disintegrating. Read his article on ways you can ... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Is over optimism sabotaging your online success?

29 Jan 2013
I've attended numerous internet marketing conferences and boy do those guys promise the earth!! The trouble with that is when you overpromise and unde... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Why small businesses are fed up with government

25 Jan 2013
Try: 'Banks received $700 billion dollars in handouts in October 2008, with almost no regulations or restrictions. In February 2009, big ... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Are your young sales people even remotely capable of reading buying signals

25 Jan 2013
According to Barry Urquhart ' many of those entering or who have recently entered the workforce are adept at interacting with smart phones, iPads, tab... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: NZ a happy place to live and apparently a great place to be educated

24 Jan 2013
Just seen the OECD rankings on various factors per country. Apparently NZ ranks as follows: * 11/36 for overall well being * 8/36 f... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: Can the high street survive online shopping?

24 Jan 2013
I feel for anyone in retail; I hear about people going into their shops to browse and try things, and then leaving the store and buying online cos its... Find_out_more

Blog Entry: January might be a great time to get some honest feedback from your customers

23 Jan 2013
So few business have a process for getting feedback; so they continue doing what they've always done and wonder why their bottom line is shrinking.Find_out_more

Blog Entry: If only more people chose to 'give' rather than 'take'

23 Jan 2013
I know, call me old fashioned but I do sometimes wonder what's happening in the world. I've just picked up a blog on 'manners' and it was inundated wi... Find_out_more


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